Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Professional Culinary Arts


Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Professional Culinary Arts


Bachelor of Business Administration (Professional Culinary Arts)


Professional Culinary Arts Aiming to build graduates to have knowledge and abilities in both theory and practice. Have analytical skills And communication In professions related to the professional cooking industry by integrating knowledge from multidisciplinary With the knowledge of modern science and technology Cultivating curiosity and seize Commit to ethics and professional ethics, aiming to enhance teaching and learning by developing and building competencies to meet the needs of the country’s food industry labor market, as well as meet the framework of the Second 15-Year Higher Education Plan ( 2008-2022) 20-Year National Strategy (2017-2036) 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan (2017-2021) Thailand 4.0 Policy Strategic Plan for Southern Provincial Cluster And plans Nakhon Si Thammarat Province Strategy It is also focused on producing graduates who are able to apply their professional knowledge and skills to operate as entrepreneurs with high potential in food management and production. This will help promote the sustained and sustainable economic growth of the country further.

Desirable Characteristics of the Course

The tourism and hospitality sector recognizes the transformation of the tourism and hospitality industry in the digital age that has resulted in increasing the country’s competitiveness. Graduates must therefore be both those with core competencies in knowledge, competence, academic excellence. Including having a positive attitude Along with service psychology And high-value services under the Thainess identity. Professional in management Ability to further develop the business Creating added value to tourism products and services Have practical skills Able to communicate in English as well as having a good personality. And with the process of teaching and learning English through functional learning (Active Leaning) Graduates are able to apply cutting-edge technologies such as Bigdata and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to their operations. Corresponds to the needs of the tourism and hospitality industry in the world market.

Career path

Bachelor of Business Administration Program Professional Culinary Arts It is designed to enable graduates to work in businesses related to kitchen management, restaurants, food and beverage service businesses. Or a business related to cooking and restaurant management Or accommodation business Hotels and resorts Where graduates are able to choose job positions in various fields, which are

1) Cooking Thai food, Western food, Eastern food And international food

2) Baking dishes, pastries, desserts and Thai desserts

3) Production and service personnel In the food industry

4) Recipe and food item developer in the food industry

5) Food Researcher and Product Development in the Food Industry

6) Entrepreneur or self-employed in food production and distribution

7) Lecturer / Academic In the kitchen and culinary arts

Further Study guidelines

Able to pursue a master’s and doctoral degree in professional culinary arts or other fields in any institution, both at home and abroad.


Education fee per semester 22,400.- baht

The tuition fee throughout the course is 268,800.- baht.

Program structure

Number of credits Total for the course of not less than 179 credits
1. General Education Courses 40 credits
  (1) Language  20 credits
  (2) Humanities and Social Sciences 8 credits
  (3) Science and Mathematics 8 credits
  (4) Integration 4 credits
  (5) Information Technology 4* credits
  Remark * Excluded in course structure  
2. Specific subjects 114 credits
  (1) Professional Foundation Course 34 credits
  (2) Specialized course 80 credits
        2.1 Specific courses required  56 credits
        2.2 Elective courses  24 credits
3. Free Elective Section 8 credits
4. Cooperative Education / Professional Experience Training 17 credits


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