The School of Management has an academic service plan that is consistent with the vision and mission of the school. By developing academic service projects integrated with teaching and research management This is a project resulting from the participation of faculty members in all disciplines and the push of the head of research to develop academic service projects in Characteristics of research to serve society (Social Engagement) and integrate with the teaching and learning management of MGT60-301 courses. The school has officially settled budget for implementation of those social engagement projects.

                   The scoail engagement working group has conducted a survey of the needs of the people around the university. Taking into account the needs of the community readiness of faculty and students and other agencies in the area who are interested in developing joint projects. The target area for these social engagement operation is in the area of Thai Buri Sub-district, it aims to develop the Thai Buri market according to the plan of the Thai Buri Subdistrict Administrative Organization and have members of the occupational group at the Thai Buri Subdistrict Administrative Organization. The parties had initiated the development of a group to join the project, and the working group has requested approval of the project and received the approval from the Academic Service Center to be incorporated into a research project for social service. The working group of the project together with Thai Buri Sub-district Administrative Organization has developed 4 projects:

                   1) Project to promote community products

                   2) Develop Community market management system 

                   3) Encourage sanitation and environmental development project

                   4) Logo and landscape design for the Community market.

                  Eventually, the implementation of the project could not be done according to the plan. Due to being affected by the COVID situation, it however worth to note that the assessment from the Thai Buri Sub-district Administrative Organization and the participating occupation groups shows that this project is a good starting point for community development by using the knowledge of the faculty and students. Integration with the needs of the community and build cooperation with local support agencies, this makes it highly likely that the project will be sustainable in operation and benefit the community in the long run. In addition, the school had previously developed a Social Engagement project in the Khok Lek area. It was found that if there is a long-term field trip such as at least 2 years or more, it will be a good way to provide academic service that has direct impact into the community. As a result, the school plans to improve the academic service in an integrated manner in the next academic year.

Academic Service Project Report

  1. Project : Project on Managing and Driving High-Value Tourist Sites In Krabi Province To Leverage The Competitive Edge Of Becoming A Global Tourist Attraction
    Researcher : Assistant Professor Doctor Pimlapas Pongsakornrungsilp
    Research Grant provider:  Centre of Administrative and Capital Management for enhancing the competitiveness of the country              
  2. Project : Project Development of Accounting and Financial Skills at Baan Trok Khae Weaving Group, Khon Haad Sub-district, Cha-Uat District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province
    Researcher : Assistant Professor Doctor Pankeawta Lakkanawanit
    Research Grant provider : The Royal Irregation Department by Center for the Development and Coordination of the Pak Phanang River Basin Area by Royal Initiative

  3. Project : A Project Feasibility in economics, finance, management: A perspective by private sector.
    Researcher : Associate Professor Doctor Janya Chanchaichujit
    Research Grant provider: Thung Song Manicipality
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