In the past 27 years, Walailak University has not only produced graduates in the field of management but also focused on the practical exercise in pararel with the classroom learning. The purpose of the school is to provide students that meet the requirements of the users and continual development of the country. Moreover, the school still maintains the quality standard of graduates in the future.

School of Management, therefore, is commited to the development of learning and teaching methodology in compliance with the changes of socio-economics conditions of the nation. In this regards, the School of Management is open to not only domestic but also to international whereby continuing adjustment to keep track with the modern society.

it is a pleasure for us, School of Mangement, to welcome students who desire to join with Walailak University. This website is, therefore, the first gate for the public to learn and understand the curriculums of our School of Management. For those who need more inquiries, you can visit our website, https://management.wu.ac.th and the Facebook: School of Management Walailak University.


Thank you.
Jeerakiat Apibunyopas, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Dean of School of Management

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