Walailak’s School of Management, formerly called “School of Management Science”, has been established under the Walailak University Act since 1992 (2535 B.E.) with the purpose of producing graduates, establishing research and providing academic services in management sciences. In addition, the school has aimed at being a centre for academics and researches in Thailand’s upper-southern provinces for management sciences and relevant disciplines. The School of Management introduced the first cohort of 120 accounting and economic students in 1998. Since then the School of Management has developed rapidly and continuously in terms of academic faculties, curriculums, research, and academic services in society, producing graduates with quality and ethical attributes important to the economic and social development in Thailand. At present, the school offers Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degrees, including the four year bachelor Degrees in Business Administration, Economics, Accounting and Tourism Industry. Our programs are unique in producing graduates with knowledge and capabilities in academic application and practical experience through Work-Based Learning over three comprehensive trimesters of cooperative education each year. The postgraduate programs consist of Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in Innovation Management & Business Development and Doctor of Philosophy in Innovation Management & Business Development. All undergraduate programs are based on the Walailak University campus in Nakhon Si Thammarat, while postgraduate degrees are offered in Nakhon Si Thammarat province and an academic service center in Suratthani province. In addition to producing graduates at undergraduate and postgraduate levels with knowledge, capability, vision and ethics; the School of Management aims at responding to the needs of society with dedicated intention in area-based researches for communities and implementation, as well as academic services for organisations both in government and business sectors.
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