1. Project : Consumer Motivations Affecting Thai-boxing Tourism in Thailand                                      Researcher : Mr. Vikram Rajendra                                                                                    
  2. Project : The Chinese Tourist Market Development Approach to Green Tourism in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province
    Researcher : Miss Hataikan Noondech
  3. Project : Business potential development, technology and innovation under the Thai-Japanese business partnership
    Researcher : Mr. Watcharawat Promma, Associate Professor Doctor Somnuk Aujirapongpan
  4. Project : A purchasing strategy framework and its implication to category management in procurement: A case study of Khanom Electricity Generating Company
    Researcher : Miss Nitcha Watthanasiripakdee
  5. Project : Development of Goat Milk Ice Cream Products, Black Glutinous Rice, and Creative Marketing Strategy Models of Goat Farmers Group Community Enterprise, Sichon District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province
    Researcher : Assistant Professor Sirisopa Junden, Mr. Pavit Tansakul
  6. Project : Guidelines for the development of Thai tourism industry towards sustainable operation
    Researcher : Assistant Professor Somjai Nupueng, Dr. Nittida Sudmai
  7. Project : Teacher Effects on Executive Function Skills of Early Childhood Students
    Researcher : Dr. Pongpan Compan, Associate Professor Doctor Jeerakiat Apibunyopas

Publications 2020

  1. Title : The potential of palm oil production as a pathway to energy security in Thailand.                  Author : Pranee Nutongkaewa,Jompob Waewsakb*,Warangkhana Riansut,Chuleerat Kongruang and Yves Gagnon(2019).                                                                                                                Source :  Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments.35(2019).189-203.                                  Best Quartile  : Scopus (Q1)
  2. Title : Dynamic knowledge management capability and strategic intuition of Thai entrepreneurs.    Author : Jaturon Jutidharabongse,Somnuk Aujirapongpan*and Supit Ritkaew(2020).                          Source : ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SUSTAINABILITY ISSUES. 7(4),2955-2966.                                      Best Quartile  : Scopus (Q1).
  3. Title : THE INFLUENCE OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE MECHANISM ON THE INTEGRATED FINANCIAL REPORTING AND INVESTMENT RISK OF THAI LISTED COMPANIES.                                                    Author : Sarapee Chanatup,Somnuk Aujirapongpan and Supit Ritkaew(2020).                              Source : Entrepreneurship and Sustainability. 7(4),2818-2831.                                                                   
    Best Quartile : Scopus (Q1).   
  4. Title : Effects of a Workplace-Based Virtual-Run Intervention Among University Employees.
    Author : Apichai Wattanapisit*, Waluka Amaek, Watcharawat Promma ,Phatcharawadee Srirug                ,Uchane Cheangsan,Satit Khwanchum ,Wattana Chadakorn ,Kanittha Eardmark and Narumon Chadakorn(2020).
    Best Quartile : ISI (Q1).
  5. Title : Multi-objective Decision Model for Green Supply Chain Management.
    Author : Chanchaichujit, J., Balasubramanian, S. Shukla, V.(2020).
    Source : Cogent Business & Managemen. 7(1).
    Best Quartile : Scopus Q2.
  6. Title : Expectations and Satisfaction of Tourists towards Tourist Destinations Driven by the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy.
    Author : Jintanee Ru Zhue , Chawapong Nui Suk and Neeranart Kaewpraseart Rakhangthong(2020).
    Source : International Journal  of Innovation, Creativity and Change. 14(2),1260-1279.
    Best Quartile : Scopus Q2.
  7. Title : Strategic Intuition Development in Human Resources for Talents: A Case Study of a Thai Social Context.
    Author : Somnuk Aujirapongpana* Yaninee Songkakorn , Sirichai Deelers , Supit Ritkaew , Jaturon Jutidharabongsec.(2020).
    Source : International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change. 14(2),547-560.
    Best Quartile : Scopus (Q2).
  8. Title : Offshore wind power assessment on the western coast of Thailand.
    Author : Montree Ranthodsang , Jompob Waewsak*, Chuleerat Kongruang and Yves Gagnon(2020).
    Source : Energy Reports Volume. 6(2020),1135-1146.
    Best Quartile : Scopus (Q1).
  9. Title : Assessment of hybrid, firm renewable energy-based power plants: Application in the southernmost region of Thailand
    Author : Jompob Waewsak , Shahid Ali , Warut Natee , Chuleerat Kongruang , Chana Chancham and Yves Gagnon(2020).
    Source : Renewable and Sustainable Energy. 130(2020).
    Best Quartile : Scopus (Q1).
  10. Title : A systematic literature review on the benefit-drivers of RFID implementation in supply chains and its impact on organizational competitive advantage.
    Author : Chanchaichujit, J.,  Chanchaichujit, J., Balasubramanian, S. & Ng. C. (2020).
    Source : Cogent Business & Management . 1(7),
    Best Quartile : Scopus (Q2).
  11. Title : Ultrasound-assisted extraction of collagen from clown featherback (Chitala ornata) skin: Yield and molecular characteristics.
    Author : Supatra Karnjanapratum , Tanyamon Petcharat , Soottawat Benjakul and Sitthipong Nalinanon(2020).
    Source : Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. 101(2),648-658.
    Best Quartile : ISI (Q1).

Publications 2021

  1. Title : “Do firm characteristics affect environmental sustainability?: A literature review -based assessment”,                                                                                                                          Auther : Balasubramanian, S., Shukla, V., Mangla, S., and Chanchaichujit, J. (Early View Published, 27 Nov 2020)                                                                                                                          Source : Business Strategy and The Environment                                                                      Best Quartile : (Scopus Q1)
  2. Title : The Application of ABC Costing for Public Hospital Sector Sustainability.                            Auther : Aujirapongpan S.*, Promma W., Theinsathid P., Deelers S., Meechai s.,                                Source : Journal of Southwest Jiaotong University. 55(5),1-11. 40%                                                    Best Quartile : (Q1 Scopus)
  3. Title : Random Forest with Sampling Techniques for Handling Imbalanced Prediction of University Student Depression.                                                                                                                Auther : Sawangarreerak, S.; Thanathamathee, P. (2020).                                                                Source : Information (Switzerland), 11(11), 519, 50%                                                                        Best Quartile :
  4. Title : Developing a green brand through co-creation process of Krabi,                                      Auther :  Pongsakonrrungsilp, Siwarit and Pongsakonrrungsilp, Pimlapas.(2021).                              Source : Thailand. International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change,15(2),135-158.                  Best Quartile : ( Scopus Q2)
  5. Title : The Performance of Bidding Companies in Merger and Acquisition Deals: An Empirical Study of Domestic Acquisitions in Hong Kong and Mainland China .                                                        Auther : Rizwan Ahmed, Yawen Chen,Chonlakan Benjasak, Andros Gregoriou, Nusiebeh Nahar Falah Alrwashdeh and Ei Thuzar Than.                                                                                              Source : Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance                                                                  Best Quartile : (Scopus Q2)
  6. Title : Strategic Performance Measurement toward High Performance Organizations of Local Hotel Businesses in World Tourism Destination: Empirical Study in Samui Island.                                        Auther : Somnuk Aujirapongpan*, Kanittha Pattanasing.(2020).                                                    Source : International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism systems,13(2),1-16.                                      Best Quartile : (Scopus Q4)
  7. Title : JAPAN’S DIGITAL ADVANCE POLICY TOWARDS PERFORMANCE IN MULTILATERAL ASEAN’S INNOVATION BUSINESS.                                                                                                            Auther : Somnuk Aujirapongpan*, Yaninee Songkajorn, Supit Ritkaew, Sirichai Deelers.(2020).              Source : ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SUSTAINABILITY ISSUES ,8(1), 1081-1094.                                      Best Quartile : ( Scopus Q1)
  8. Title : THE APPLICATION OF ACTIVITY-BASED COSTING FOR PUBLIC HOSPITAL SECTOR SUSTAINABILITY.    Auther : Somnuk Aujirapongpan*, Watcharawat Promma*, Pornpun Theinsathid, Sirichai Deelers, Suchavadee Meechai.(2020).                                                                                              Source : JOURNAL OF SOUTHWEST JIAOTONG UNIVERSITY,55(5),1-11                                              Best Quartile : (Scopus Q1)
  9. Title : INDICATORS OF STRATEGIC INTUITION FOR SMES ENTREPRENEURS: EVIDENCE FROM THAILAND. Auther : Somnuk Aujirapongpan*, Yaninee Songkajorn, Yuttachai Hareebin, Sirichai Deelers, Jaturon Jutidharabongse.(2020).                                                                                                    Source : ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SUSTAINABILITY ISSUES,8(2),51-63                                              Best Quartile : (Scopus Q1)
  10. Title : Educational investment strategies for capacity building of Thailand’s tourism professions.      Auther : Compan, P., Preededilok, F. & O. Neill, J.                                                                        Source : The Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences.                                                                      Best Quartile : (Scopus Q2)
  11. Title : Innovation Capability Indicators for Entrepreneurs Developed the Business from Thai University Incubator.                                                                                                                      Auther : Yaninee Songkajorn, Somnuk Aujirapongpan, Sirichai Deelers, Theeradej Rakthai, Jaturon Jutidharabongse.(2020).                                                                                                          Source : Journal of Southwest Jiaotong University,55(6),1-12.                                                        Best Quartile : (Scopus Q1)
  12. Title : Growth and redistribution impacts of income taxes in the Thai Economy:A dynamic CGE analysis.  Auther : Bhattarai, K., & Benjasak, C.(2021).                                                                                  Source : The Journal of Economic Asymmetries,23,e00189                                                            Best Quartile : (Scopus Q2)
  13. Title : The effect of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the environment: The relationship between electronic finance and pollution in OECD countries.                                                                      Auther : Elheddad, M., Benjasak, C., Deljavan, R., Alharthi, M., & Almabrok, J. M.(2020).                      Source : Technological Forecasting and Social Change,163,120485                                                  Best Quartile : (Scopus Q1)
  14. Title : THE IMPACT OF DYNAMIC CAPABILITIES AND DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT ON COMPETITIVE PERFORMANCE: EVIDENCE FROM THAI HOTEL ENTREPRENEURS.                                    Auther : Kanittha Pattanasing, Somnuk Aujirapongpan, Supit Ritkaew, Anuman Chanthawong,Sirichai Deelers.                                                                                                                          Source : Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues.                                                                    Best Quartile : (Scopus Q1)
  15. Title : KAMs Reporting and Financial Performance: Empirical Evidence from Thai Listed Companies.  Auther : Muttanachai Suttipun, Trairong Swatdikun.(2021).                                                          Source : Journal of Asian Finance,Economics and Business.                                                          Best Quartile : (Scopus Q3)
  16. Title : Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Practices and Firm Performance: Empirical Evidence from Hotel Industry in Thailand.                                                                                                Auther : Amornrat Teanpitthayamas, Muttanachai Suttipun, Pankaewta Lakkanwanit. (2021).                  Source : Journal of Asian Finance,Economics and Business.                                                          Best Quartile : (Scopus Q3)
  17. Title : COMPARISON OF THE RETURN OF INVESTMENT FROM SECURITIES SCREENING USING FINANCIAL RATIOS AND SECURITY TRADING METHODS: EVIDENCE FROM THAILAND.                                      Auther : Suwatjana Thammachot, Somnuk Aujirapongpan, Jintanee Ru-Zhue, Chonnawat Chunhawiksit,Sirichai Deelers, Waraton Chitadisai.(2021).                                                          Source : JOURNAL OF SOUTHWEST JIAOTONG UNIVERSITY.56(1).                                                    Best Quartile : (Scopus Q1)
  18. Title : Rural Local Government Finance and Its Management in Thailand: Reflections and Prospective Through Tambon Administrative Organisations.                                                                          Auther : Kanokwan Meesook, Jayant K. Routray, Mokbul M. Ahmad.(2020).                                        Source : International Journal of Rural Management.2(16),199-224.                                                    Best Quartile : (Scopus Q3)
  19. Title : The Financial Performance Outlook of Crude Palm Oil Industry among Different Types of Production in Thailand                                                                                                        Auther : Anuman Chanthawong, Benjawan Khongkon, Jintanee Ru-Zhue, and Krit Lemthanon                Source : GMSARN International Journal 15(2021) 217–224.                                                            Best Quartile : (Scopus Q3)

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Project for applying for academic positions On Thursday February 25, 2021
Workshop project on "Basic Statistics for Research" on Tuesday, February 16, 2021 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (via electronic media, Google Meet).
Online discussion at CMRI Virtual Open House entitled "Getting to Know CMRI Through Researchers: Challenges in the New Normal Era" on Tuesday February 9, 2021 from 2:00 pm-4:00pm via Online: MS Team.
The second research potential development project between 6-7 January 2021 at Room AD 3501, Architecture and Design Building.
The 1st Research Potential Development Project at the Tumpang Room, Administrative Building
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