Walailak’s School of Management has an outstanding research and academic service. Our research concentrates on the cross-disciplinary areas of excellence focusing on Tourism, Hospitality and Service Industry, Creative Economics, Accounting, Logistics, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Finance and developing small and medium scale businesses.
The School of Management is one of the top schools in Walailak and devotes more than 37 million Baht to annual research and development expenditures; the School of Management is dedicated to expanding management knowledge, strengthening the competitive edge in the private sector and improving the quality of life in society. We conduct research in almost every field related with business and work in cooperation with various stakeholders. We are also nationally recognized as one of the nation’s top ranking academic services and due to our strong connections with industry we excel in the areas of work integrated learning, social engagement, best practice and business consultancy clinic.
Noteworthy: Our researcher’s innovations, academic service and effective modern research strategies are not only expanding management knowledge but also contributing to improve quality of life in our local community. The crucial concern for us is developing and solving economic and real-world problems through a vast network of partnerships and collaborations, without compromising local identity or the natural environment’s sustainable development framework.

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