Awarded during 2020

  • Economics Student won WU freshy boy 2020 award
  • Sawassamon Anantayanukul from Bachelor of Economics program crown second runner up on pageant contest “Mis Andaman Tourism” 2020 

Awarded during 2018

  • SOM Students received 3 awards for best presentation from PSU-Trang 2018 national conference

Awarded during 2017

Awarded during 2015

Awarded during 2014

  • Business Administration students win outstanding research award. Business Administration
  • Economics students Office of Management Received an honorable mention in the national research presentation contest.

Awarded during 2013

  • Business Administration and Information Technology courses. Received an award for outstanding research In academic conferences and presenting research / creativity in management National undergraduate level 2013
  • Crazy 5 WMS Tourism team “won the first prize” in the Gang Go Green project. Green heart “
  • WMS students in economics program “won the first runner-up award” for presenting research papers on economics at the national level.

Awarded during 2012

  • Economics students “Won the second runner-up award” from the Tertiary Economics Answering Competition 2012
  • Business Administration Program in Finance, “Winning the Award” in a national research presentation. In the field of business administration
  • Business Administration Program Won the second runner up In presenting the business plan Business Management Association of Thailand (TMA)

Awarded during 2011

  • Business Administration students “Won first prize” business plan writing competition project

Awarded during 2010

  • Student Bureau of Management Received the third runner-up award. Scholarship Program for Students

Awarded during 2009

  • Student in Tourism and Hospitality Management Won the competition for the representative of the southern region.
  • Accounting students Won the second runner-up of the 7th PSU ACC QUIZ project.
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