Master of Management Program in Management


Master of Management Program in Management


Master of Management (Management)


Master of Management Program in Management at Walailak University was created in response to Walailak University’s policy on educational practice of students who do a thesis project or an independent study based on the European Model in 2018 as a course of study. Focusing on the development of new managers who have knowledge and abilities, as well as being aware of changes in the external environment. The graducated should also be able to do research or finding new knowledge that will benefit the development of new innovations to cope with the ever-changing technological, social, economic and cultural changes. Able to manage existing resources such as labor, raw materials, budgets, etc. for the most efficient, leading to the sustainability of the organization in the long run. And most importantly, they must be ethical and socially responsible. By promoting the development of research or knowledge that is beneficial to create competitive social and economic advantages in the South. Especially in the upper South where knowledge can be passed on to the public. Including being able to be published in national academic journals or international level.

Course Highlights

Highlights of this course are that instructional management that facilitate students to analyze, critique and discuss issues related to management. Thus, students can choose to use methods for research or develop knowledge to correct, reduce weaknesses, or strengthen the competitive advantage of the relevant sectors. In which students can choose to study in a career-related area. or their skills, such as business administration, accounting and finance, economics, or tourism and hospitality management And more importantly, this course focuses on the students to make use of the big data and Artificial Intelligence to make effective decisions. In addition, with the faculty of the Office of Management Walailak University, part of which has graduated from overseas in Europe, therefore teaching and learning will apply the European approach to teaching and learning. And provide teaching and learning for students to be able to graduate within the period before 2 years.


1. To produce a master’s degree in management for agencies or organizations, both public and private, with knowledge and ability to keep up with the changes of the external environment. Including being able to find ways or ways to cope with that change Including being ethical and social responsibility With the ability to research and develop new innovations to create a competitive advantage

2. To aim at the development of a master’s degree with research capabilities and in search of managerial knowledge in line with the changes in the socio-economic environment of the South. Especially in the upper southern region of Thailand

3. To develop new managers who can take advantage of the information technology system. And digital systems to create a competitive advantage. 

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